Golden Square (JP Nagar),Bangalore

1101, 3rd Floor, 24th Main Road, J P Nagar 1st Phase, above ICICI Bank and Snap Fitness, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

Amenities And Services


One of the biggest hurdles someone faces in Bangalore is to find a suitable parking space in the Commercial area. Golden Square not only provides you with space but also will park it on your behalf. Yes, we have Valet services at most of our branches and help you save your productive time.


Our business setups employ highly trained professional Security personnel who are at your service always. Be it to have you and your belongings safe or to guide your visitors from the entrance to you they are trained to do it all. CCTV has gained immense popularity as an effective security measure in modern days. The entire facility has high-resolution CCTV cameras installed at the exteriors and interiors of the building. Common areas like the Reception area, Lobby, Cafe have CCTV coverage.


Our business Lounges, common areas, and pantry are well designed to make your break time a pleasure. The staff are courteous and are at your service at just one phone call.


The entire facility is Air Conditioned to set your workplace pleasant. We have centralized AC as well as split AC arrangements to make your mindset more focused and productive in the pleasing temperature. Some of our cabins also have windows to help you let fresh air move in and out. No additional charges applied for using AC.


Yes, you heard that right. We don't limit your productivity based on time instead give you access to your workplace 24/7. We believe in a 24/7 world and our members need to be able to work whenever it’s best for them. AC, Electricity, the Internet is accessible throughout yet with limited manpower. We are open even on National holidays and weekends too. Golden square enables you to avail different types of membership plans where a member may only have access during working hours, or in the evenings, or on weekends, or for a set number of days each month or tailor make his own plan. Remember we have your back, you can work as long as you wish even during holidays (Conditions apply)


We understand how important it is for you to be on the go. Slightest of interruptions during work may hinder your performance and productivity. Don't worry we have all that covered. Backup for power and internet is readily available in no time.


Golden Square provides Dedicated Phone Numbers which are answered in your company name. You can leave instructions to our receptionists so she knows exactly how to answer different calls and calls that you might be expecting. You can also set it up so that the calls can automatically be forwarded to your mobile number when you are out of the office and are expecting an urgent call. Integrated Voice Response Systems and other advanced facilities are also available to make it easy for your business to manage a lot of calls.


High-speed internet is a must in today's day to day activity. Connectivity gains enormous importance when it comes to working. All our locations are equipped with the high-speed internet connection from different service providers. We have a range of plans that you can choose to suit your requirement based on data limit, bandwidth, cost etc. We also provide clients with dedicated Leased line services if they prefer.


Our cabins are spacious well designed and fully furnished with a modern outlook to its essence. The cabins look light, professional and pleasant suitable for mature companies. A table, Chair pedestals for storage with keys, whiteboard, markers, ports for each desk and refilled water bottles is what you will get. Exterior cabins have windows opening out allowing fresh air to freely flow in and out. The colors of the furniture, chairs and the walls are subtle to give it a more professional outlook.


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