Pune’s First Ever - Period Party

Jul 26, 2022

The concept and motive behind organizing this innovative event was to normalize the talk ‘about and around’ periods, menstruation.

Instead of doing a regular awareness session, Humjoli thought of combining education with fun and they chose Pocket Spaces’ Lounge area to conduct this fun party. The best part was, it wasn’t a ‘women-only’ session. Men also participated with equal enthusiasm.

Radio City 91.1 FM featured this event ‘On-Air’ in the morning show. RJ Kedar Joshi not only talked about it at length during the show but also came over to attend it with the team. He was simply in awe with the fact that how different this event was!

Discussion at the event started with ‘How To’ and ‘What To’ tell the daughters (and boys too) when she reaches puberty. Dr. Sania Siddiqui, Founder of the Humjoli Foundation, emphasized that it is crucial to use appropriate ways and words to initiate this conversation when talking to pre-teens and teens.

Various sustainable and eco-friendly products such as menstrual cups, tampons and reusable cloth pads were shown and demonstrated amongst the attendees, usage and disposal was explained and pros and cons of each of was weighed upon.

People shared their funny and awkward moments, recited relevant poems, and played several interesting and engaging games - all related to periods!

A quick quiz was also taken and winners were awarded.

Moving on to the myths and taboos associated with periods in our society, ladies divulged all sorts of restrictions they have to follow during their menstrual cycle and how they hate it to the core. Everyone pledged to go back and make a difference by not succumbing to family or societal pressures anymore.

All participants brought along loads of sanitary pads which will be distributed among low-income women and girls of an orphanage, so that they get to use safe and hygienic product during their perid.

After all the fun, the unending chit-chat was taken over food.